A sneak peak

Nikki’s Revenge book three of the Supernatural Sagas

The first two books have been released from the Supernatural Sagas!

Nikki’s Revenge is the third book in the series.

Book Blurb

If there is one thing Nikki Palomar is sure of, she has cop blood running through her veins. She grew up never knowing what happened to her father, apart from one fact—he was killed on the job. Darwin Palomar has been a forbidden subject at home, but all that has done is fuel her need for answers. Will Nikki find what she is looking for? Or will she discover the one thing her mother never wanted her to know?
Joining the force and working in the serious crimes unit she is achieving the highest conviction rate within the department. Nikki is a rising star. Until the day she comes upon Bret Channing. There is something not quite right about him, but she cannot put her finger on what. Her inner cop is screaming something is amiss. Never mind he is Businessman of the Year or is in tight with her boss. Nikki has vowed to investigate him, much to her partner of two years’ dismay.
Nikki has been on the Woodlands Pack’s watchlist for all her life. When Alex discovers Nikki is investigating Bret Channing, he takes his concerns to Marius, their Alpha. But will they be able to protect Nikki? Or is she going to get herself killed, as her father was before her?

Nikki's Revenge

Sneak Peak

Waking Nikki feels the warmth of soft blankets wrapped around her. An involuntary groan leaves her lips before she can stop herself.

“Nikki. It’s Mum, you are safe now sweetheart.”

Cracking open the only eye she can, her vision clears. Sure enough, Martha is sat next to her. She is hovering in her seat, her hand reaching out as if to touch her, but she pulls it back and clamps them together as if she is stopping herself. Then she sees the two strange men standing behind her. The first has salt-and-pepper color hair, with kind eyes. He is of an average build, maybe a tad taller than Nikki. The other male is something else – tall, and muscular. With dark brown hair and eyes to match, and a complexion of someone who worships the sun. They stand feet firmly planted and arms crossed, as if ready to defend themselves at any given moment.

Nikki’s attention snaps back to her mother.

“Nikki, I am going to remove the dressing and wash away some of this blood. Make you a little more comfortable. Is that okay, sweetheart? Blink once for yes, twice for no.”

Nikki can hardly feel her body, but the blood on her face has dried and is itching like mad. She blinks once. A warm, soft cloth slides across her forehead. Even though she had been expecting it, the contact makes her jump, everything else hurting. Another moan escapes her lips. It is not her mother that talks to her this time, but Sunshine.

“Nikki, try not to talk, your throat has some damage from the attack. Do you need any more painkillers?”

Nikki blinks her good eye twice, he relaxes and smiles at her. The cloth sweeps over her face again, but this time Nikki is ready for it. Letting out a sigh, she closes her eye and drifts back off to sleep.


Bret paces across his penthouse.

“Brody, are you sure? There should be a police report. Come on, she is one of theirs. They do not report in, and there is normally a hunt. What the hell is going on?Bret stalks over to Sam and gets in his face. “Was she dead when you dumped her?”

Sam knows better than to move a muscle when the boss is in one of his moods. “I – umm – the faintest flicker may have been there, boss, but someone was coming, so I had to leave –”

The roar that comes from Bret is immense. Sam barrels into the wall with such a force the plaster cracks and falls around them. Bret’s hand clamped around his neck, he shimmers with the change. Unbelievably, Brody steps in for Sam.

“Boss, it’s not Sam’s fault. What if one of them bit her, she could have survived. That or someone is covering for them. The mother has disappeared as well.”

Like what you see?

Pre-order Nikki’s Revenge and be first in line to grab your copy.
It is due for release on April 13th in Paperback, Kindle and will be available via KU as well.

Pre-order links

Nikki’s Revenge US link

Nikki’s Revenge UK link

Hope you are having a great weekend my lovely cohorts. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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