Want a free copy of The Desory?

I know, silly question!

All you have to do is join my email list – I do not spam!

All I use my email list for is to keep you updated with upcoming releases and the odd giveaway.

In return for trusting me with your email address, I will give you a downloadable copy of The Desory as a thank you for FREE!


Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?
The supernatural sagas will ensnare you with their claws and suck you dry.
The Blood wars have ravaged the supernatural species to near extinction. The fates worry that it will not be the humans who destroy their favorite toys, but the supernaturals themselves. It must stop before it is too late.
The Desory is the tale of how the fates intervene and save the supernaturals from themselves. There will be intrigue, friendship, betrayal, and love; with a little bit of sexiness thrown into the mix; And it all starts with fairytales and whispers.

If you do not wish to join my list do not worry. The Desory is set for release on Amazon on the 23rd February.

I will be posting the links to the ebook and paperback on the day so keep your eyes open for my post.

So, for now, I leave you with the link to join my list below. Or you can click the button at the top of my blog 😉


Sending you my best wishes for a great day. Toodles, for now, Caroline

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