New year, fresh start!

Before any of my lovely cohorts panic, no I am not getting rid of my novels. The takedown is a temporary one, while I finish the revamp and republish my work as one solid series.

When I first started out I had no clue where Welcome to the family would go. Then Nikki came to light and  I now had two series. Yes you guessed it, my characters had other plans and I now have a wonderful supernatural community talking to me. But! how could I make this work?

Over the last year, I have been pondering the question. I have written Nikki’s challenge and from doing so realised, yes definitely one series. The plots and twists overlap many times. I have almost finished writing a novella called the Desory, many of you have probably heard me mention it. The first draft is so near its finish I can taste it lol by the end of the month It should be ready for release.  However, how would I implement this, The Desory comes before Welcome to the family. So hence, new year, new start.

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing some links, one of those will be at the top of my blog in the form of a click here! button. It will take you to my sparkling new email list. Once a month you will get a hello how are you newsletter from me. No spamming! In this letter, I will keep you up to date with what is happening within the Supernatural Sagas, and on the odd occasion share a link for my author friends who will be generous enough to give my lovely cohorts a free taster of their wonderful writing; Bonus!  I am getting all excited and ahead of myself. So, back to the email list subscription. In return for gifting me your email address and trusting me with it, I will be gifting you an Ebook copy of the Desory. There may be another little gift down the line, but you will have to sign up to my list to find out what 😉

Now, back to me taking down my three published books. I will be re-releasing them with shiny new cover art, and they may have had another run through for editing purposes, but if you have already read them unless you wish to, you do not need to purchase them again. The information at the end of the books will be updated with new links but the main plots within will remain the same.

I will be as quick as possible with the re-releases as I possibly can be. Nikki’s Challenge and Changing the family will be released soon after.

I will wait a while before telling you about the other releases I have planned for this year as I can see this post is turning into information overload lol
Look out for next weeks blog post. I plan on showing you the cover art for the Desory and of course a little snippet of the story itself.

Biggest hugs, I really do appreciate the patience you have shown me over the last year while waiting.  Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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