A sneaky peek

I may have mentioned a few times that there will be some changes arriving soon. Well one of them will be book zero. Yes, the beginning and how the supernatural world as you are seeing it now came to be. I will be releasing a novella called the Desory in the near future, the best part is I have decided to make it free for all of my cohorts out there. I will post links nearer the time but basically you just press a button, sign up to the mailing list and then the download link will be sent to you for your copy of The Desory.

I thought you may like a little peak at what is to come. I am still on the first draft stage so it could be subject to a few editorial changes, but I am really excited about this and wanted to share a little.

It has been a month since the VIP lounge opened. Nelly is surprised at the mix of patrons she now has. The different species on different days has gone by the wayside and she has a good mixture of all entering the bar. Surprisingly, they all seem to get on quite well. They only go up to the VIP if they wish to have a meeting and talk strategies, otherwise they use the bar as if they are normal run of the mill patrons. They buy their drinks like any other customer would and some have even taken to certain girls. Only Nelly knows that a good fifty percent of her patrons are not there for the drink and girls. They come to the bar in hopes of changing their way of life. She has noticed there is a solid group of what she likes to call her ring leaders. Dorian and Damien are of course in amongst them. But they also have the three original wolves that came that first night and now two Demons that are just as tight with them. A tighter knit group of friends couldn’t be found anywhere. And surprisingly they are from three of the main supernatural species.
It is on this night no different from any other that everything changes.
It is later in the day the three wolves have gone home. Damien is sat at the bar with Primo one of the horned demons, they seemed to have formed quite the bond over these past few weeks. They were slowly making their way through one of the good bottles of whisky and swapping women and war stories. Dorian and the other demon Primo were sat in the centre of the bar, Dorian has a bottle of his favourite blood type and Primo is sticking with his beer. The place wasn’t as busy as it usually is, the weather is a bit of a rough out tonight. Only a couple of the girls have braved the night to go out and look for some work, the others had taken it as a sign to take the night off.
Nelly has sent Doc up to her rooms as they have had a busy week with a few injuries and she could see it was taking its toll on her. Much to her surprise, Doc had hugged her and went up to her room without any argument. Although the place was quieter than normal to the outside world it still looked busy. Unless you came in on a regular basis you wouldn’t know that it was a quiet night for the bar. The rebellion had been good for business, which in itself was a godsend. Who knew staging a rebellion could be so expensive to run. The biggest expense, the bribes.

Well I hope this peaked your interest, I am off to do a little more work over the week end.
Hope the weather is good and the days are kind to you. Will be dropping in early next week with a blog asking for your help with naming a couple of our young ducks. Pictures of their cuteness and blog to follow later, keep an eye out for more on the Desory. Take cake my lovely cohorts and toodles Caroline xoxo

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