Sunday Snippet The Desory 21.5.17

Salut my lovely cohorts.

I hope this blog post finds you well and enjoying your week end. We finally have a little sunshine here today. It has been a wet couple of weeks, but as I live in farm country, they seem to like a little rain here and there.

Today is a short and sweet post, simply a little snippet of what I am working on at the moment. It is in its infancy and may go through a few changes before it is published, however I wanted to share a little of it with you. It has been what seems like an eon since I shared a Sunday snippet with my very patient and lovely cohorts. So without any more delay.

A little taste of what is to come in The Desory, by me – Caroline F Levy.

Hey, I’m Primo. Demon and lover all rolled into one. So yes perfection ladies.

The Rumpy Pumpy bar. Oh yes — good times. We all remember the blood wars in different ways. Some of it good and a lot of it bad. I see the blood wars as a positive in my life, I was a terrible adolescent with no direction before I joined the good fight. Who knows what I would have been doing now if it wasn’t for them. Apollo swears I would have been locked up, or maybe even worse.

My biggest regret of the Blood wars, Damien and not noticing him becoming disillusioned. He was a good Vamp back in the day, but what he did was unforgivable. I felt it bad, but Dorian was hit the hardest. I have sort of forgiven him, took a couple of centuries, but I got there in the end. The fates had us all play our parts. His part, was not so good, let’s just say. I can see why Dorian still holds a grudge. After all they were as tight as tight could be. You could say like brothers. I still to this day do not understand why he would feel he had to betray us the way he did.

Yes it may have been some time ago but some incidents just do not go away that easily. However, you want to hear about my part in the changes and the Desory. It was a small part really. I fought in the fields, to be honest, I followed my brother into a bar one night and the fates sort of gave us a shove. We all knew that if things carried on the way they were, then we would eventually wipe each other out. The problem we had, the councils were to pig headed to do anything about it. They were sitting pretty in their barricaded palaces and living the high life. While the supernaturals they thought were lesser, fought their petty battles for them.

Hope you enjoyed my little sneak peak into what is to come. Stay safe out there and toodles for now my lovely cohorts. Caroline xoxo

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