Sunday snippet from Nikki’s Challenge 12-02-17

It has been a few weeks since I last posted a sunday snippet. if you have read my other blog posts you will understand why and hopefully forgive me. I have not really done anything to my wips for a little while but I have plenty of snippets to share from the upcoming Nikki’s Challenge.

It is still in its infancy but the first draft is complete so hopefully I will not keep you waiting too long.

I hope you enjoy Copyright © Caroline F Levy 2017  Nikki’s Challenge.

Eugene sits in his office looking out into the pack grounds. Being the alpha of the Haven pack affords him a lot of comfort, but he is ambitious. Hearing about Nikki Palomar wanting to change the way a pack could be run has caught his attention, and when he saw her picture, Eugene decided he wants her for himself. If Marius is stupid enough to leave her unprotected more fool him. It is sheer madness to leave her alone, she has to be his mate. Otherwise why would they be wanting to join the two packs together? She’s quite the looker, Eugene could see himself quite happily taming her. The fact she comes with an impressive pack and portfolio is all the sweeter. Swivelling in his chair to face his desk he picks up the phone and calls Rathor. On the second ring, he picks up. “Ah Rathor, could you come in here please.” A moment later his second walks in. “Take a seat my good friend,” The moment the word friend left Eugene’s lips Rathor knew his alpha is up to no good. Sitting in the chair opposite, he swallows, “What can I do for you my alpha?” Casually Eugene sits back in his chair, rocking it gently from side to side. “Have you heard there is a new alpha in the Kent Street pack?” Rathor knows this conversation is going to be one of those, what we can gain from this talks. “I have heard they have a new alpha, I’ve also heard she is going to be mated to Marius Harker, the Woodlands pack alpha.” Eugene sits forward pyramiding his fingers. The hairs on the back of Rathor’s neck stand up. This is defiantly not good, he is plotting. “You are correct, I have heard the same, but I have also been informed today that he has cut his ties with her. It seems Marius has put his pack over the wellbeing of his mate.” Shaking his head. “Such a travesty. I think we need to go and meet this Nikki Palomar, and offer her any assistance she may need. Being a new alpha n all that.”


Rathor’s stomach bottoms out. He knows that look. Eugene is notorious for taking what doesn’t belong to him. Rathor doesn’t understand why he is the way he is. Women are attracted to him all the time. He is tall, well-built and handsome. The problem is he wants to control them the moment they question him he lashes out. It’s a trait that sickens Rathor, his problem is he knows he isn’t strong enough within the pack to beat Eugene. So, he does the next best thing and maintains damage control as best he can. “I will arrange a meet and greet with the Kent Street packs second, it is Sam. I will let you know when it will be. I take it you will be okay with it being there? I can’t see them agreeing to having it here.” Not waiting for an answer Rathor takes his leave from Eugene, who looks way too pleased for his liking. He has a feeling the situation is going to turn into a sticky one.

I hope you enjoyed my little teaser  🙂

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That is all for today. I do have some great posts coming up, so keep an eye out. Take care my lovely cohorts and toodles for now xoxo




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