Writers Block – Does it really exist?

To that question I am not really sure of the answer.

I mean what is writers block?

A lack of ideas. Is it when the characters do not want to travel in the same direction as you wish then too. Or is it just a simple case of procrastination?

Thankfully so far I have never had a lack of ideas, plots or as some of us call it character shenanigans.  So to this answer is it writer’s block I cannot attest to.

Now as to the second part of the statement. More often than not my characters always take me in a totally different direction than I envisioned. I personally think this can be great, a little frustrating at times, as the plots I have noted down in my scribbling book and on the pc in my notes are quite often useless. Luckily I consider myself to be a bit of a panster and so I can go with the flow. But for some of my fellow writers I could imagine this may cause a blip in their word counts here and there.

The final point I made. Procrastination… Oh yes, I often suffer from this affliction. Yes I consider it an affliction. I mean there are so many ways life can pull you away from your pen or keyboard. Family. friends and of course the social life. I am pleased to say mine is coming along nicely out here in France   🙂 All of these are a distraction from your written word. However. the biggest for me is being online. This is the greatest distraction of them all for me. I mean how do we get the level of online time correct? This question maybe best left to its own blog post; as I find being online my biggest blocker. So Writers block… is it really real? I think it could be different for us all. Does it exist? I think that depends on the individual’s opinion of what they consider writer’s block to be.
If you have an opinion on this let me know. What stops you from writing and do you consider it to be a block?
It is now time for me to turn back to my edits of Nikki’s Challenge. Oh what joy, my least favorite of pastimes. It can be great when it flows nicely and painful when you have to cut that scene you love.

So, toodles for now my fellow cohorts and do take care of yourselves xoxo

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