Sunday Snippet 8th Jan 17

It is the first working Sunday of the year. Even I took new years day off   😉

So this is my first sunday snippet for 2017

I thought I would give you something a little different. This is a very rough first draft of the not completed Novella due to be published a little later in the year.

Copyright © Caroline F Levy 2017  The Desory.

My name, Dorian Winters. I am here to tell you how the Desory that takes care of our supernatural community came to be. What we do and how it all works. I will even dish the dirt on some of our key players so that you get the feel of what we are about and of course how our friendships made all of this possible.

The year, a bloody long time ago. In fact many, many lifetimes to the mere human. The setting, why Scotland of course. Where we fight most of our battles, out of the eagle eye of the humans that would try to destroy us if they knew of our existence. Yes, we are many, but we are also very few. The supernatural world as we know it today was nowhere near as civilised and peaceful. We have only been a civilised community for I would say, the last five centuries. Before that. It was every species for himself.

I will tell you as much as I can without boring you to death. Plus I know you humans do not have as much time to ponder on the wonders of life as we do. I had best be careful what I say. We have women in our lives now, and they seem to care for you lot. Me, I haven’t really taken much notice of you. I have had human people come in and out of my life, but they never seem to be around long enough to get attached to. Still, that is my story, maybe another day.

Now who to start with – Hmm, Maybe myself after all. We maybe a peaceful lot now, but we still have egos the size of the towers. Think I had best play it safe. I will go with the time scales on which we met. However, firstly I had best tell you about the councils. Yes, they were around back then. More as an internal form of control. Plus, who do you think used to send us all out to fight? The rules of engagement were simple. Win, try to not wipe each other out and most importantly. Do not let the humans catch you.

Now the year. Goddess knows. I was but a young lad. Up in the highlands. My father was a landowner and so I had privileges, lots of them. I didn’t know hunger, or what it was like to be cold. That is until the day my mother was killed. We were down in the village, the one where the lesser vamps got to live. Back then there was even fighting within the clans. Long story short. She was killed and I was left to live with a man who had lost his destined mate. He was a shell of what he had been with my mother. On my twenty-first birthday, he walked into the sun. It was on that day that I met Damien he goes by the name of Jack now. I sat in my castle getting drunk and feeling sorry for myself. How could he? On my birthday of all days. The short note had said it all.

My Son. You are a man now. I have stayed only for the love of you. But I can no longer bear to be without your mother, and so I have chosen to walk into the sun. My love always—

We do not literally walk into the sun and burst into flames. I’m not sure where the saying came from. I do know that my father had opted to have his head removed from his shoulders. He wanted his heart intact for when he was reunited with my mother.

I hope you have been intrigued –
Until the next blog post, take c are of yourselves my lovely Cohorts. I am always happy to say Hi. You can find me in all the usual places. Links below as I always do xoxo





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