Yes… Seriously, writing is a proper job.

Before I jump into this post I would just like to say Happy new year! I hope the Christmas and new year break were good to you.

It is partly because of the holidays that I am posting this. It has happened to me before but I have to say this happened twice in the holiday week.

So I am Sat in a restaurant Christmas day enjoying my meal when one of the other people sat at the table starts to ask about my writing. I do not mind that. I am always happy to chat about books, Mine or another writers. Just in case you do not know I live in France and the majority of my family are back in the UK. There are a group of Brits who tend to gather for the holidays if they have not gone back to the UK or their families are not over here in France. Back to the tale at hand.  So, bearing in mind I think the last time I spoke to this person was probably last Christmas I was a little surprised that the question of how much do you earn was just blurted out. A little shocked I confessed that at the moment I just about manage to cover costs but am lucky enough to be able to be concentrating on my writing so hopefully in the future that will change. Do not get me wrong, I love writing, however, I do see it as my job. I sit to write most days. Yes, seven days a week, and quite often more than what another job would say are office hours. Writing as I see it is a calling. It takes a lot of time, patients and a love of words to become a dedicated writer. After I had given them this answer they said, so it’s not really a real job if you do not make loads of money then…

Onto the next part of the conversation. So where do I get a copy of your books. I smile and answer that at the moment I am with Amazon exclusively. If they have a reader and are enrolled with kindle unlimited then my books are on there. The answer I received shocked me a little. Why would I do that, can’t you just lend me your copy. Now hearing this once okay. However, move onto new year’s eve. At a party, again a few people there I do not know and others you see every now and again.

Into a hello how are you conversation and the question pops up rather quickly. Where can I get a copy of your book. Again I answer, via Amazon. The answer was similar. I do not do online shopping. Can I just borrow a copy from you. I mean. Would you honestly say to a plumber, or an electrician. Can I just borrow your skills for a while to do a job and not pay you. No… I would not dream of doing that. Yes in the past I have swapped a haircut for something. Or yes there have been friends rates mentioned. but to blatantly say, hey can I have your work for free!! and this is from an acquaintance, not a close friend. I mean It is just not the done thing. Am I the only one to have this happen? Or is this the normal response for us Independent writers?
I would love to hear what you think on this subject? Writer, or fellow bookworm.

I will be posting a snippet on Sunday, so until then, I look forward to hearing from you. Take care my lovely Cohorts xoxo

1 thought on “Yes… Seriously, writing is a proper job.

  1. This is an important point! I guess because its not so rigid in hours worked or rules and regulations, some people may deem it less of a job than other careers but I definitely agree with you! Keep up the good work, it was an interesting read 🙂

    If you have time, check out my latest blog posts at

    Happy blogging x


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