Sunday Snippet… Welcome to the Family

Helloo all
I hope you are having a great week end. I have more or less taken the week end off…
Just this snippet to share with you is all I’m going to do. Yes feeling lazy, I need some me time. My character friends understand and have said they will be quiet for the two days… Hmm, not sure I believe them lol We will see.

Okay, it’s Sunday, yes that means time for a snippet. I have chosen Welcome to the family for this weeks post. I know a lot of my readers love the family saga’s. So giving my first book published some love .


Snippet One

As I wake with a start. I can hear a real commotion going on. I stiffen, thinking they must have changed their mind and have come back for another look. I feel so drowsy, my mind must be playing me up. Then I realise I can hear Roger. “I know she is here, I can feel her presence.”

I try to call out, but my voice is hoarse. I feel a hand tapping my knee. “You awake back there, wee one?” I tap his hand and he turns, whispering, “You were out for a couple of hours, I was beginning to worry. This guy has been here twice already, but I couldn’t let him near in case he is with the others you hid from.”

I smile to myself at how fortunate I was to stumble into this guy, whose name I do not even know yet. I try to sit up, but I’m still too weak. Tapping me on the leg again, Guy asks in a hushed tone. “Is he a good guy?”

“Roger is, yes.” is all I manage to squeak out. I feel a draught, and then I hear my Good Samaritan calling out, “Roger, I think the wee one you are looking for is over here. Sorry for not telling you sooner. I had to be sure you were okay.”

Snippet Two 

It has been twenty-four hours since I came home, and I have been watched constantly. It’s making me twitchy. My place is full of people, so I have retreated back into my bedroom. Luckily for me, the only people allowed in my room are Jack and Roger. I really am hungry. But not for normal food. I really need some blood, but how to broach the subject is becoming increasingly hard. I find myself pacing the room when Jack comes in to see if I am okay. By the look on his face he can see I am not, but I am too embarrassed to tell him the problem. I turn to find Jack in my face.

Grabbing my shoulders, he asks, “What is wrong with you?”

“I have passed this stage, I should be okay.”

The penny drops. “When did you last feed?”

I can’t honestly remember.” I feel myself being shaken.

“Tell me it wasn’t with me!” I look to the floor, and Jack turns and storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I can hear him with Roger, telling him I haven’t fed, and to clear the apartment. I hear the front door open and close. Then there is silence.

Well I hope you enjoyed our little snippets…

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 Well that’s all for this week. I know, I missed the meet and greet this week. I promise not to miss it next Wed 🙂

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