Sunday Snippet… Nikki’s Challenge

So I thought about this week’s Sunday Snippet, what should I post ?

This isn’t finished, or even edited!! This is raw, new on the page stuff. Nikki is still facing her challenge as we speak. So when you read this, remember, new and unread by anyone but me, and just for you… Enjoy 😉

Snippet one…

Swallowing hard Amelia can’t believe what is happening. One of the withes from her pack had told her she had to come to the Kent Street pack, and she would find her future. Sure enough her future is sat in front of her, and holy moly, what a future he is. Even sat down he towers over her. He must be nearly seven feet tall to her petite five foot five inch frame. His hair glows the first rays of a beautiful summer morning, but it is his eyes that have captivated her. The bluest she has ever seen. Realising she is staring she blushes. “What would you like to know?” The smile spread across his face, almost to the point of looking painful, his eyes sparkle, winking at her. “Well I know from the letter your name is Amelia. Beautiful name, but apart from that there is nothing but your references on it. Tell me about you. Your family, friends, hobbies. Anything and everything. I want to know it all.”

Snippet two…

Marius just can’t shake the empty feeling welling inside, it seems to be getting worse by the minute. As they arrive at the office he goes straight to his desk. The vault has a code, and a set of keys. Marius keeps them in the hidden draw of his desk. As he slides the draw open a flashing light on the answer machine catches his eye. Throwing Alex the keys to open the vault for Annabelle he presses the button to listen to the message. At first he thinks it’s a hang up, there is only static on the line, his finger is hovering over the delete button when he hears Rathor’s hushed voice. The colour drains from Marius’s face, he presses the replay button turning the machine speakers up to full just as Annabelle and Alex walk back in. All three stand listening to the message in stunned silence. The line goes quiet  Marius hasn’t heard the second part of the message, it starts to play. The gunshot echoes around the room, and both men jump into action.

I hope you enjoyed. These are subject to change once they have been edited.

If you want to know the beginning of Nikki’s story you can get Nikki’s Revenge now, and be ready for when Nikki’s Challenge comes out in a short while.

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Well that’s all peeps… I will be back with the meet and greet on Wed… I am being mean this week, you will have to wait and see who my visitor is going to be…

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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