Wednesday meet and greet… Alexa Pattini

Hi all, this weeks meet and greet is a little different from my usual grab em and interview lol

Alexa is a little tied up with helping the Woodlands pack with a little problem they have. So she has given me not quite cart blanch to reveal all. But not far off…

Dark portrait of a young woman

Alexa Pattini witch and a member of the Desory.

Born… not allowed to reveal a her age, us girls can be funny like that.

There is so much I want to tell you about Alexa but can’t, spoilers from Nikki’s Challenge, and also her story coming up with a certain very sexy, damn, another spoiler lol

Okay I can tell you about her work though.

Alexa Pattini is a member of the Desory. She works with the first team. Two Demons. Primo and Aldo, plus another witch Sisera. Being the only female on the team is a challenge in itself, but she is a good defender, so the Demons allow her to work with them. That and she is immune to their charms. She told me they are quite pompous, okay she called them pompous asses to be exact. Sisera is okay. He is a good attack witch, so the pair of them work well as a team. Apart from the fact he also thinks she should be swooning at his feet that is. Even after working together for, well a lot of years, they still try to put her on the back benches in what they say are dangerous circumstances, where the little lady might get hurt… Her reaction to that… Hello, I’m the defender. I’m the one who will keep the bad spells away, and keeps their asses in tact so they can do what they do best. Protect our Supernatural family .

They are on a well earned break at the moment. Every few years they get to part company, and have a month off. By the looks of things within the supernatural family this may not be the best time, as there seems to be a lot of changes on the horizon. A lot of the family members seem to be meeting their mates. Must be something in the water. That or those pesky fates are bored…

Alexa dreads the day she meets her mate. Will he be okay with what she does? Or will he try to control her. Some of the males within the supernatural world are as she put it, Domineering Neanderthals. Alexa knows what her team mates call her. As she rolls her eyes. The ice queen.

I have spent some time with Alexa, I do not think this nickname suits her at all, but then, she doesn’t let a lot of people in. Annabelle now knows her secret, along with a certain male I can’t reveal yet. They know the real Alexa. I’m sure you are going to love her. Until Nikki’s Challenge has been released that is all I can share. She has promised to come back and speak to you once she has finished with the pack.

P.s you can briefly meet Alexa in Nikki’s Revenge. Links below.



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I hope you will be as excited as I am about meeting Alexa. She has so much to share and will do so. That’s all for this weeks meet and greet. Toodles for now and keep safe Caroline xoxo


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