Sunday Snippet… Nikki’s Revenge

It’s that time of the week again… Yes, when I get to share a snippet of what’s going on in my crazy world.

This week I am going to share a little from Nikki. As you hopefully know I am near completing the first draft of book two in the Woodlands pack series. Sooo, I thought I would post a little reminder of why you are all saying hurry up already 🙂

Excerpt from Nikki’s Revenge….

Nikki decides to call it a night and walks back towards her car. The streets have now emptied, she can hear her footsteps echoing as she makes her way, the wind has picked up, so Nikki tucks her arms around her chest, goose bumps run along her arms, but is it from the chill? As she turns the corner Nikki quickens her pace she has a feeling that someone is following her. They are good, she had hardly noticed them. Only one way to know for sure, stopping abruptly she bends down as if to tie a shoe lace, she hears a shuffle and a grunt, Amateurs…

Slowly standing, Nikki turns to see two young men behind her. They know she has noticed them. Looking at each other for a fraction of a second, it’s as if they have communicated, and they rush towards her.

Bracing herself, her training kicks in, no need to panic, reaching for her baton, and then the horror settles in, Nikki realises it’s in her safe at home. Now it’s time to worry. The sinking feeling that she may be in trouble hits her, a rolling, sick feeling forming in the pit of her stomach, when someone else rushes from behind. Nikki gasps in shock, she hadn’t heard anyone coming. But instead of rushing at her, he runs past, barrelling straight into the two young men coming at her. The stranger looks over his shoulder.


I’m feeling generous this week… you get two snippets 😉 

Nikki has been in and out for a couple of days. She has snippets of being cared for by her mother and Sunshine, and the other male as well. Opening her eyes, she blinks, trying to focus. It’s dark so it must be evening, but what day, she has no idea.

“Good to see you are awake.”

Nikki’s head turns sharply in the direction of the voice. Nikki waits for the pain, and when it doesn’t happen, she turns her body to follow. She actually feels pretty good. Jeez, how long have I been out? Taking a deep breath, she pushes up, the bed cover falling away. She realises too late that she is naked. Grabbing the covers, she pulls them up.

“I’m glad you are feeling better, Nikki. It’s good to see you able to move.”

Sunshine doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that he received an eyeful, but then again if he had been caring for her, who had undressed her?

“Where’s my mother?”

“Martha is having some food with the others. How do you feel, Nikki?”

Leaning forward, his features come into the little stream of light coming through the window. He has frown lines on his face and shadows under his eyes.

“I actually feel really good, no pain whatsoever. Not even my ribs hurt. How long have I been here?”

The frown deepens on Sunshine’s face. “Three nights.”

Nikki has to blink a couple of times. The brain is ticking over, digesting the information. Can’t be, I should still really be banged up.

“I… err… not to sound patronising, but are you sure?”

Sunshine actually laughs. “Nikki, you have been here three nights. You have been a lucky girl, but whether you see it that way will remain to be seen.” He stands to leave. “I will leave you to rest. I will have some food sent in for you, and I would imagine you are…”

I know, I know… so mean lol


If there is one thing Nikki Palomar is sure of, it’s that she has cop’s blood running through her veins.

Growing up Nikki never knew what happened to her father, apart from one fact. He was killed on the job. Darwin Palomar has been a forbidden subject for all of her life, but all this had done is fuel her thirst for answers.

Will Nikki find what she is looking for? Or will she discover the one thing her mother, Martha, never wanted her to know?

Joining the force and working in the serious crimes unit is all Nikki has ever wanted to do. Looking for answers about her father death and having the highest conviction rate within the department.  Until that one fated day she comes upon Bret Channing.  There is just something not quite right about him, Nikki just can’t put her finger on it. But her inner cop is screaming at her that something is wrong.  Never mind he is the business man of the year, or is in tight with her boss the chief of police.  Nikki has vowed to investigate him, and much to her partner of two years James dismay, she is not going to drop it.

Bret Channing becomes all Nikki can focus on, even if it means she could lose the job she loves.  Nikki has to prove he is not all he is cracked up to be.

After drawing unwanted attention towards Bret Channing, Nikki becomes number one on his hit list. He can’t let her mess up everything he has worked so hard to own.

Will Nikki Stop Bret Channing? And will she ever find out what really happened to her father?




Book cover

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Well I hope you enjoyed… I may even post a little of Nikki’s Challenge in the very near future *grins* yes I am a terrible tease lol

Until Wednesday when it’s time to meet Alexa, I will say Toodles my book loving friends.Caroline xoxo

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