Wednesday meet and greet… Angel Desdemona Ladislav from the Family saga’s

A big hello to you all. It’s that time of the week again when I introduce you to one of my book friends. This weeks volunteer is Angel from the family saga’s.

It’s only a quick meet and greet as angel has a lot going on within the family.

Hi Angel. Thank you for making the time to answer my, and your fans questions.

Thanks for having me here. Sorry it’s only a quick one, family issues. You know how it goes.

So how are you settling into life as a vampire?

At first I didn’t want to believe, I could be a member of the un-dead. *lol* Obviously I am alive and well, it was hard going at first. Having Jack to help me through the change was good. Okay fantastic… And of course Roger is always near for support, or to just be my cuddly bear, if needed. Although there has been moments when our bond has been a little embarrassing. What with Dorian barrelling his way into my life as well now.  

Ooo, so Dorian Winters… Do tell

Oh no… I’m not a kiss and tell type of girl *mumbles* Kiss is all I could tell, being honest. *Smiles wistfully* He is an old fashioned guy. He wants to take things slowly. totally frustrating. I mean he is sex on legs. but also totally sweet, kind, loving. Oh hell you catch my drift lol 

Losing your mother must have been hard, and finding that your brother Eric wanted, lets say to get rid of you. How are you coping with that?

It still hurts to think of the relationship I will never have with Jesaray. I am thankful for my cousin Archie being in my life, and look forward to maybe finding other distant relations. Eric was a sad loss. I know he had a problem with me, but he was so messed up by our father that I couldn’t really blame him. 

That’s good of you.

I believe that if I go around thinking life’s been cruel. I will become as bigoted as Eric. I am a glass half full type of girl, and I plan to stay that way. 

You mention meeting other relations. How is William doing?

I would rather not talk about William at the moment. we have a long hard road to travel and I don’t want to jinx anything. 

I know you are very busy so thank you for being over here on my blog. One final question. my readers will probably want to know what you think of how I have put your story over so far.

Lol not too bad. You might have had me hanging there at times. * shakes head* you’re  totally addicted to coffee, and thought nothing of leaving us midway through… *coughs*   well you know… to go get a refill  But I think you have started the tale of okay. You have only touched the tip of the ice-burg so to speak. The family is vast, and we have so much more to share. 

Well thank you for sparing us your valuable time  Angel. We look forward to seeing you here again.

There are two of the Family Saga books out at the moment. If you pop over to my author page listed below you will find all the links you need for Welcome to the Family, and Protecting the Family. The next book should be out next year. So keep an eye out. There will be more about Dorian, Archie and William in Changing the Family.

Caroline F Levy Author page.

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Well that’s all for this week.

Next weeks guest will be Alexa Pattani witch, and member of the Desory.

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