To plot… or not to plot…

I have always considered myself a panster. I don’t use fancy apps to write out plots, or even post it notes ( I did try once lol ) Although I do use index cards for each and everyone of my characters. No matter what part they play in my books, they get a card detailing their looks, likes and traits.

In the past few months I have had a few of my characters shouting at me to write down their stories, and no, I can’t have that many books on the go at one time. I am organised to a fault outside of the writing world, but never have been within.

However, I have relented and started to write down a rough outline of what is going on with my character friends. I have to be honest though. When it comes to telling their story, I have a feeling I will probably vier away from the plots I have written. Only time will tell I suppose.


I had best get back to it. Only the other night while viewing the blue moon I had another new character say hello, and will you tell my story. Poor guys on a scrap of paper still. Best grab that ever growing note book and add him to the list of my wonderful fictional friends.

P.s France is going great, it has been a mad summer hence the scarceness of my posts, but winter will soon be poking it’s head around the corner and I will be able to go and hide with my laptop in my writing corner. Until then, take care my Cohorts, and of course have fun no matter what you are doing < 3

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