Changing the way I write my first draft.

So Protecting the family has been out for nearly two months and I have to thank every one who has read it. Although I would love some reviews, or even private message to let me know what you think. But I digress… I have started to write Nikki’s Challenge and another novella that is really out of my normal writing zone, but that is totally another post!

As for this post it was originally going to be called What to write the first draft on???? As usual I am way behind on my blogging and I have ploughed into Nikki’s next book so I know what I am doing *Grins* I have decided to write the first draft by hand and I am loving it, although I did start with a notebook I changed over to lose paper, I can pop a few sheets into my bag and I always have a pen in my purse so I can write whenever I have a moment. I have been typing up as I go as well, I have found it’s a really easy way to do that first dreaded edit as well, so it’s a win, win situation. I am really hoping to have Nikki’s Challenge ready to publish by the end of April, but I do have massive changes on the horizon and it could delay it by a couple of weeks, ducks from the flying debris. I promise it will be worth the wait I have some wonderful characters chomping at the bit to meet you, and I just know you are going to love to hate them. Watch this space, I may even introduce you to a couple of them.

To my author friends I would love to hear how you write your first drafts, I am always open to hints and tips we are always learning as far as I am concerned 🙂
Hope to hear from you all, come on over to Twitter or Facebook and say Hi

Waves bye for now, I have lots of notes to edit. The pack is howling with impatience….

Toodles my lovely Cohorts xxx

4 thoughts on “Changing the way I write my first draft.

  1. I tend to use a notebook and a pen for outlines, character building and establishing a timeline. After that, I’m all keyboard.


  2. There’s no way I could freehand a draft…anything. As Ms. Abell wrote, I type faster than I can write and what I write freehand is often illegible later. My first draft is an absolute ‘stream of consciousness’ in which I type whatever comes into my head. I don’t worry about punctuation or grammar, it’s simply words on the page. Hopefully, and fortunately – usually, I can make sense of them and form a solid second and third draft.


  3. I used to write by hand as well. It helped me edit as I went and reform the story. I don’t do it any longer because I type faster than I write. But you’re making me re-think my strategy. I’m getting ready to go on a cruise. Might be a great time to start. Thanks for the article.

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    1. So envious, enjoy your cruise!! And happy writing 🙂 I have switched a couple of times. It works for me, I have friends who wouldn’t dream of using a pen lol


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