Signed books winner!!! And a thank you message

I would first of all like to say a big thank you to every one who shared and re-tweeted my posts

But it is all over and we have a winner 🙂

I selected the winner via and I have the list here for you.
I have to say congrats to David and I will be getting in touch with you as soon as I have published this post. Please get in touch, so that I can get them signed and into the post for you as soon as possible 🙂

There will be a copy of the first books in each of my published series

That’s Welcome to the Family and Nikki’s Revenge


Keep an eye out as I have published Protecting the Family and I will be giving away a signed copy in the not to distant future.

Once again a massive thank you to all who shared the love!!!

True Random Number Service

Advisory: RANDOM.ORG will be intermittently unavailable on Wednesday 2015-03-04 10am-noon UTC due to maintenance work.

List Randomizer

There were 51 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. David Booker @DavidBooker25
  2. Kristie Haigwood @Kshaigwood
  3. Jacqueline Rainey @BlueHarmonie
  4. Cary Allen Stone @CaryAllenStone
  5. Olga Guseva @OllyGuseva
  6. J.D.HUGHES @JDHughes4
  7. jack everett @jack_59
  8. Felicity Brandon @FelicityBrandon
  9. LincolnFarish @LincolnFarish
  10. Old Corner Store @OldCornerStore
  11. James M. Corkill @Jamesmcorkill
  12. M. Peters @MPetersDesires
  13. Dave B. @dvdinfatuation
  14. Olga Guseva @meOllyGuseva
  15. Terry Tyler @TerryTyler4
  16. robert bevan @robertbevan77
  17. ePrintedBooks @ePrintedBooks
  18. Sandi Baughman @Sandi_Baughman
  19. LizaO’Connor @Liza0Connor
  20. Peggy A. Edelheit @samanthajamison
  21. margaret dunlop @mmdunlopwriter
  22. E.L.Lindley @LindleyE
  23. ePrintedBooks @ePrintedBooks
  24. Ron Glick @Ron_Glick
  25. Daniel Kemp @danielkemp6
  26. Eve Paludan @evepaludan
  27. V T Vaughn @vtvaughn_writer
  28. Barry Gray @barrygrayauthor
  29. Joseph A. Pinto @JosephAPinto
  30. WPotocki @WPotocki
  31. Ron Shaw @RonGizmo
  32. Zoe Saadia @ZoeSaadia
  33. Richard Cezar @richard_cezar
  34. Micheal Rivers @Micheal_Rivers
  35. Micheal Rivers @Micheal_Rivers
  36. Ariana Leroux facebook
  37. Tori de Clare @toride_de
  38. Derrick R. Bickley @DerrickRBickley
  39. Jackie Branagan @dragonhums
  40. Vonda Norwood @VondaNorwood
  41. Peggy A. Edelheit @samanthajamison
  42. Bobbi Dixon @MisterSalesman
  43. Giovanni Gelati @Gelatiscoop
  44. Maria Cox @authormariacox
  45. PJ Webb @PletchaPJWebb
  46. Susanne Leist @SusanneLeist
  47. Mary Jean Adams @MaryJeanAdams
  48. Jacueline Burton @jaycuejay
  49. C.L. Withers @CLWithers1
  50. Zoe Saadia @ZoeSaadia
  51. Railson @Ra04514893

Timestamp: 2015-03-03 01:04:52 UTC

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