So 2015 is off to a flying start. We are already headed towards the end of February, I must be getting old as it’s racing past way too quickly 0_0

This year is all about change for me. In January as you all know, I re-published two of my titles as an Indie author. Now we are in February and I have published Protecting the Family, all alone!! was exhilarating and damn scary all at the same time.

I have had wonderful feed back so far, and I thank you all for the kind messages plus sharing of my posts on the various on-line sites 🙂

Now, what is in store foe 2015…

Nikki’s Challenge will be published in April Yay!!! I am racing through this one, and I am loving where the characters are taking me 🙂

I have some personal news to reveal as well. After almost ten years in my bill paying job, I am taking redundancy. Yes sad that this chapter in my life is coming to an end. I will miss the guy’s I work with, well some of them lol 😉 But there is a silver lining….

Drum roll, I am going to be moving to France… yup down in the south of France, sunshine here I come *grins* I will of course post pictures of the mayhem that will ensue over the next couple of years, as I go through the renovations to the gorgeous barns that I will be sharing with my parents.I hear you moan, do not worry, I will actually have more time to write! Here is the list of goals I have in mind for 2015, although it is never set in stone, My characters can be quite stubborn at times….

Anyway I digress, the aims I have for the rest of the year.

As I said April-Nikki’s Challenge book two of the woodlands pack series.  August-Changing the Family, book three of the family saga. December- becoming one, book three of the woodlands pack series. Oh and there could be a novella from the Frank Usher detective series sneaking in this year too.

So yes as the title of this blog says.

Busy… busy… busy!!!


Please watch out for my updates I will always endeavour to be on-line and chatting with you as much as time and of course those stubborn characters allow

List of my links below

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Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/CarolineFLevy

Instagram http://instagram.com/caroline_f_levy

See you there 🙂

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