A Bit of Gossip…Going Indie!!!!!

Yes, even though I have loved being with Moon Rose Publishing, I will be going Indie in the new year. This will means lot of work lays ahead but I am still super excited.

I will have to re-release Welcome to the Family and Nikki’s Revenge under my own banner but I’m sure you will all bear with me while I do. I will be taking this opportunity to give Nikki a bit of a re-write, but before you all lynch me lol I will be releasing Welcome to the Family shortly followed by Protecting the Family and after I have done so I will then crack on with the re-write for Nikki’s Revenge and also be making my way through Nikki’s Challenge and Coming of age ( third book in the family saga)

Oh did I fail to mention i have also jumped just a little out of the box, jumping around in the background, okay, I have just been scowled at lol he is way to chilled to be jumping around 🙂 I will also be introducing you to Frank Usher, Private detective. At the moment, not a scary supernatural in sight.

Soo much going on it’s like Christmas has come early.

I have also had a bit of a play on Facebook and have a new page for you to follow and… a private group where you will be getting snippets off the hoof and gosip galore, plus the odd giveaway. So follow the links below and come say Hi. It’s the best bit about being a writer, I get to meet and chat with such cool people.

My Facebook Author page, all sparkly new, but will soon fill up.


The Facebook private group


Will be back with more gossip soon, Toodles all and a shout out to all my Cohorts. ❤

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