So neglected !!!

I have to be honest, I am a little ashamed. I can’t believe I haven’t been on my blog since the new year 0_0

A few things have been going off, I have had a couple of months where I haven’t really done much 😦 

However… I have given myself a kick up the butt and I am back in the real world, okay my world lol

I am getting very near to completing Protecting the Family. Just the last scenes to complete, but I have opted to edit first as I have two minds in which direction to take the ending, ass it will be leading into Coming of Age 😀

I have crafted a few cards but I do know that I can only do so much with my down time from work 😦 Just can’t burn the candle at both ends any-more lol 

So all I can ask is watch this space and say hi. I always love to hear from my fellow writers and of course my readers!!

Toodles for now, I promise to drop in on a more regular basis and keep you up to date with the gossip ❤ 


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