Craft time

I just love, love, love Christmas! 🙂

I have always loved Christmas, it’s the only thing that makes this time of year bearable for me. 
I really feel down when the sunshine goes away. But, I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful childhood memories, of all the family together having fun. And we still do, even though we are a bit spread out now. We still take the time to say hello, how are you.

As well as writing I love to make greetings cards. I was so busy writing, that I nearly didn’t make them this year, I even went as far as buying a box of cards. Not that there is anything wrong with shop bought, but I love to add that personal touch, and it’s the thought that counts. Not how much we spend.

It’s the time of year when we all give thanks for what we have. Spare a thought for those away from home, or even worse, alone. Go check on that neighbour, take them round a card, and a smile.. I tend to take around a small plate of something sweet as well. Good old fashioned hello’s sometimes get forgotten in our hectic lives. I know, I can disappear for days, or even weeks at a time.

If you are alone, seasons greetings from me to you. I have been there, a few years ago, I spent Christmas day alone. I felt empty, alone, and sorry for myself. At the time I didn’t think so, but there were people out there I could have gone and seen. But I chose to be alone, I was feeling very miserable, and thought I would ruin it for everyone else. If this is you, remember, there are people out there, and if you need to, reach out. You wont make them feel down, and maybe a little of their Holiday cheeriness will rub off. The other massive problem we have with this day and age, is the message our young are getting. You have to spend loads of money to enjoy yourself. Lets show them this is total and utter rubbish. It’s time to get back to good old fashioned family values, and do something together.

Make some sweet treats to decorate the tree. I will post some ideas over the next week or so for this 🙂 

Go blow the dust of the board games, turn off the games consoles, turn off the TV and talk! They say the new year has the highest rates for the breakdown of marriages. well sit down and just talk.

These are the things you do not know are so good, until you do not have them!!  Take a step back, slow down and most of all, give your loved ones a hug, and tell them how you feel. As you never know what is around the corner.

So after all of that ranting. I will send out good seasons vibes, and post a few pictures of my crafty efforts from yesterday.

Watch out for the next post, will be putting up a few ideas up for that little sweet treat, at not a lot of cost.







Just remember, a smile can make someone’s day 🙂

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