Building an on-line presence – Twitter

Yes… Twitter, there are differing opinions about twitter, I’ve heard it called a few names over the years. I think the one I remember most is Twatter lol

But seriously, if used correctly this can be a fantastic way of finding, and communicating with your readers.

I  made a few mistakes at first.  I think the first was and is the most common. I need followers.

This is true, but what you really need, are followers that are actually interested in you and your work. Whatever that may be, with me, I wish to connect with people that are interested in my writing and books.

I now only follow  people who interest me. So if I see, get 10’ooo followers by following me. I run a mile!

Other advantages to having a twitter account is anyone can find you with the right # attached to your tweets, plus I have a Facebook page linked to it. There are other on-line tools you can link to twitter, this blog post has been automatically linked to my twitter as well 🙂

I am still learning about the uses of twitter as it is evolving all the time.

The one thing I have learned above all else, is it’s quality not quantity. I had been drowning in tweets and the all important ones will be swallowed up in the madness.

I would say if you haven’t got an account, get one. The mobile app makes it so easy to stay in touch with your fellow tweeters, and you can let them know all the gossip, the moment it happens 🙂

Next time, I will be talking about Instagram, it’s all sparkly new to me. but so far I am impressed.

I hope you have a productive week no matter what you may be up to. I will be hiding in my front room as I went and found a lovely old writing bureau 🙂 which of course I am sat at in my writers uniform. (jim jams) lol

So practical, and of course I can open up my little world at any-time, and it’s just as I left it 😉

2013-12-03 19.01.52  2013-12-03 19.02.14

1 thought on “Building an on-line presence – Twitter

  1. Beautiful bureau! Those legs look like mission oak! Lucky!!!


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