Building an on-line pressence. Instagram

So in my endeavours to take over the world, oopses, wrong post lol

I have been busy looking into the on-line world and have come across a couple of  ways of getting my work out there, but today I am going to tell you about joining Instagram

Was really easy, I downloaded it on my android phone from the store. When I had set up my account, it gave me options to import all of my Facebook friends, that are on members of Intsagram. so I am following quite a few people already lol

I haven’t added the twitter followers as there are quite a few, and I would like to learn a little more about it first.  O_O

You can also link it to all of your other networking sites so that any picture you share will show up in there as well, hopefully, *crosses fingers*

So far I have only put three pictures on. I have found it easier to use my phone for this as by the looks of things it was designed to post up your snapshots. Not really a marketing tool, but I have a few followers from on there already. I will post about book stuff but as for my author images, I’m not so sure as you have to crop them and so far I haven’t got past this. A partial book cover is just a little frustrating.

So if you want to share snap shots of your daily life, and believe me, ninety nine percent of the time, mine is quite mundane, then this is perfect. but as a marketing tool. not so much so.

I will be keeping up with the Instagram as it seems a perfectly good way  of procrastinating on-line 😉 plus some of the pictures I have seen are really quite funny.

If you wish to come and join me over there here is the link to my account

Next week I will tell you all about Twitter and what I have discovered so far


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