Blind Date Book Bash… Giveaway!!!!! It’s this week Squeee

The Blind Date Book Bash Giveaway is THIS week over on the Ink Slingers Blog!

There are no requirements to play for your chance to win some awesome print books! Follow the link above for more info!


Happy Playing!

I’m an Ink slinger, and proud of it!!

We are a group of authors who met via the wonder of modern technology 🙂

Yes we met via Facebook lol

We have become firm and fast friends, we get each other, quite frighteningly. Although we all have different writing styles, and vary in genre. We are there for each other through the ups and downs of not only our writing but life in general.

Aynhoo, I digress 🙂 Two of the Ink Slingers the Sparkly Trish Marie Dawson and The goddess of the sex scene, Tara s Wood are hosting the above.

You like to read? Silly question really. You wouldn’t be following my blog if you weren’t lol

The Blind Date Book Bash is a chance to win Paperback books!! the quirk to it. No-one knows which Authors have donated books.

You will receive a book all wrapped up. Not even the Slingers will know which book is which.

Follow the link above to our blog

Have fun my wonderful fellow book worms 🙂

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