What do you love?

Well I normally post about books… I know nothing new there. I post about my writing, or about my fabulous author friends.

Today is going to be different.
What do I love. Apart from the obvious family, friends and of course my furbabies, but today I’m not talking about that either.

I am going to talk about other things you may love to do, or in my case listen to.

Music plays a massive part in my life. I know I drive the lads mad at work, I walk in the door and take over the radio, I have a little gadget that sends my mp4’s through to the radio, so it’s radio Caroline for the night 😉

I have so many memories that can be triggered by a song.

A few examples are below

When I hear this, I think of my partner Paul, although he is no longer here with us I smile.  I have a photograph of him pushing the vacuum around, the look on his face in the picture is classic you didn’t just do that. I remember creeping in with my camera in hand, and yes I start to sing I want to break free, terribly I hasten to add. So whenever I hear this song, this memory pops into my mind.

The picture and the photo are very personal memories, I have a few more examples of how music can trigger a thought, a smile a laugh out loud.

This is a song I remember from my childhood, My Mum would bring out the record player into the garden and we would dance to it. I’m sure she did it to annoy the grumpy neighbour living next door at the time 0_0

This song reminds me of my Granddad… The memory triggered is of him is at my Aunt’s eighteenth birthday, I would have been in my early teens. He was a little tipsy at the time, and just started to sing at the top of his voice. This isn’t my lone memory this time. Unfortunately my Granddad passed away this year and Fats played at his funeral. It was our family’s last goodbye to him. So happy and sad memories tied to this song. But it always makes me think of my Granddad and I have to smile.

This song is just a classic… My closest friend passed away at the beginning of this year, I have loads of songs that play, and I think of Eve. But this one just makes me grin. Yes we did the hairbrush in hand singing routine while getting ready for a night out, although back then any night was a Saturday night for us lol.

This is my last music memory I am going to share today. This song reminds me of my Dad. I can remember growing up with him and his shoulder length hair, well it was the seventies lol.  Dad used to have a rock disco, Paranoid two. I can remember many a night with the music blaring out, but then the neighbours were all at our house so it was all good. He thought he was such a bad bad boy,  Oh hang on… he still does, minus the hair bless him, he lost that early on, he of course blames me for that… I wasn’t a bad teenager, honest 😉

So, I have shared a few of my music memories.

I would love for my fellow Authors & Readers to get in touch. Tell me what makes you smile. What do you love?

If you would like me to share a post on what you love… even better 🙂

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