Interview with Honey Hutson

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Honey Hutson . As you know I am not one to waffle so why don’t we dive right on in.

So Honey if you were ever to get stranded on a desert Island. What
book would you want to have with you? 

From Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury. There is a character in
this book (Cici) who travels the world in her dreams living in other’s bodies
so she experiences anything she wants to, I would read and dream of being her I

Desert Island’s can be a little stifling so while you are reading The Mists of Avalon.  Who would you have to fan you… while reading? 😉

Wow, that is a hard question to answer! There are sooo many.

 I think Joe Manganiello, Alcide on True Blood would win out. Oh, the six pack
on that man and arms and… ummm… what were we talking about? Oh yeah, books!

Lol… yes I can see why you could be so easily distracted 🙂 *clears throat* Now where where we? Oh yes…

what is the first book you remember reading or have read to
It Could Be Worse, by James Stevenson. I loved that book and
it was so true, my very first life lesson learned from a book! When things are
bad I always think back on that book, laugh and tell myself “It could always be
A Motto I tell myself regularly…

We all have hero’s in our life who are yours? be it writer or otherwise. 

Ray Bradbury, hands down. Them man was self taught in the
basement of a local University Library because he couldn’t afford to go to
school and he wrote his first few novels on the library’s typewriters in the
same basement at 10 Cents an hour, which he had to scrape to afford! That is
determination. But he also always knew who and what he was and didn’t let
anything or anyone get in the way of that. My hero!
Now that is dedication to our wonderful craft 🙂
Now for a very important question…. Chocolate… dark, Milk or white?
Milk Chocolate, hands down. Mouth watering delight even to
look at, just like Alcide!
Waves hand in front of Honey… lol chocolate and Alcide, very distracting but I have just a couple more questions 🙂
 We all have fond childhood memories. What was your favourite childhood game and why?
Hmm… the only game I had as a child was checkers. So I guess
that would have to be the game? I usually won, which was good for me, but then
my little brother never wanted to play because of that. Lol… It’s hard to play
checkers alone!
So Honey, last question, if you could live in any era, present, past or future what
would it be and why ?
I think I would have to go back to just after WWII. The
world had learned so many valuable lessons and understood what was important in
life. It was also the heyday of the writer from there to about the 1990s, so
that would have been a good time frame I think. So much happened, was invented
and developed. I think it would have been amazing to see all of that history
from a first person standpoint and been able to transcribe it as it happened
into books that the future would be able to read and use to relive a truly
amazing experience. 
Well I would like to thank you for your time Honey but just before I let you run off with that bar of milk chocolate and Alcide patiently waiting with the fan in his hand. Can you tell us a bit about some of your work and where we can find you please.

It would be my pleasure Caroline. My links are listed below

I have two books to share with you today. Firstly Soul Inheritance.

Katherine McKalister’s dull and lonely life is about to take
a drastic turn. Everything she ever thought she knew is ripped away in a twist
of fate as she finds out she isn’t who she thought she was. The mysteries build
as family journals and papers start to surface. One thing Katherine discovers
stands above the rest, a bizarre family heritage accompanied by a centuries’
old property. Thrown into a dark journey, she must find her way through the
dangerous tangle of secrets, deceptions and family rivals. And only steps
behind is a creature risen from the burning times who holds the covenants made
by her ancestors and is interested in nothing less than her and the power she
wields to resurrect the family, all it’s power and control of the generations
to come.

And the second is Inheritance Rising

Katherine has won against an evil that ruled her family for
hundreds of years, but the war is far from over. As she settles into her
Victorian home and it’s endless renovations she begins to discover that being a
budding Matriarch is not so easy. With the McKlannen name comes a stigma she
must overcome and a dark responsibility that threatens to consume the entire
family line. But a gathering has begun and she must unravel the clues to find
out who are friends and who are enemies.
Well Honey it has been my pleasure to interview you. *Passes bar of chocolate* Looks like you will be getting a little inspiration for the next book 🙂 will look forward to hearing all about it.


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