My Review of The Shade. Written by Tara S Wood

Cillian is a Shade, a man
who walks among the world of Other Realm, spreading the seeds of discord and
chaos into the Dreams of mortals as punishment for a life ill-lived. As he
casts the sands of Nightmares into Everly Whitcombe’s dreams, he finds himself
taken with the haunted beauty. He defies his vocation by visiting her Dreams
more often than he should and trying to comfort when he should destroy. As he
commits his transgressions, he puts them both in danger. Can he find a way for
them to be together, or are they destined to only meet in Dreams?
Digital List Price: £1.28
Kindle Price: £1.28 includes VAT* & free wireless delivery via   Amazon Whispernet
Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT

I will start by saying I am friends with the lovely Tara S Wood but I have not been influenced in any way with the review I am about to give.  I uploaded this book from the Amazon UK site for my own reading pleasure.

I will keep this short as I am not one to ramble.
I found the Shade a riveting read. The characters are tantalisingly wonderful and is edited very well I found no grammatical errors.
The descriptions of the characters and places are very clear, and leave you with a spectacular image of what is going on.

Now for the good bit!!

Everly comes across as an independent successful woman, who has chosen her career over being in a relationship. When she comes to a block in her writing she moves to an idyllic location.  However all she seems to be doing is having nightmares. I found the graphic descriptions of Everly’s nightmares wonderfully enthralling, you find yourself egging her on to run faster, to get away. The villains of this book are quite scary!  I am glad I am not the one up against them. Cillian; well he is hotness personified. A real alpha male. I know he is a baddie but there is hotness and maybe a bit of good to be found there.     
Tara has a way of slipping a very vivid image of what her characters and their surroundings look like into your imagination.
The plot sweeps you along with it and you find yourself rooting for the good guy and yes I  boo’d the bad guy’s *laughs*
The descriptions of scenes and scenarios were very detailed. I felt like a fly on the wall watching the action as it happened and yes a voyeur when all the action was going on in the bedroom.
If you are faint of heart then pass this book by as the descriptions of the violence are as graphic as the sex scenes.
Tara most definitely has a flair for the dramatic,so if you like drama you will love this Novella!
I have to say that I couldn’t find any fault with The Shade; apart from it ended way too soon!
I will be looking froward to reading the next book in the series.
The Shade is gripping and graphic so it well deserves the 5 hearts I have given it.

To find out about Tara’s writing and to purchase her work follow the links below.You can also follow Tara on Twitter @twoodwriter Tara is also a member of the M-7 so you can also catch her @M7AuthorsTara Stogner Wood Facebook Author page

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