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Introduction time

I think an introduction is necessary my name is Angela Smith; the Smith is because I could have had Jones, or any other surname, the social worker that got to register my name didn’t have much of an imagination.
 I was found on the steps of a church by a young priest called Father Gerald, being only a couple of hours old and apparently very noisy, and extremely hungry. I had a note pinned to the blanket I had been wrapped in, asking who ever found me to take care of me, and that my name is Angela.
Apart from that no-one has ever found out anything about where I came from, or who my parents are. The only thing I have is the pink blanket I had been wrapped in. It has a crest on it; two swords crossed with a snake coiled around them.
I grew up in an orphanage. I didn’t want to live with any foster parents, although they did try time and again to place me with a family.  I always had this dream of my mother and father coming back for me and telling me how terrible it had been to be without me, I would have a family, brothers, sisters, and grandparents; so any-time I did get sent out to a foster family I would runaway.
 As the years went by and the foster family’s had stopped asking for me to stay, I realised that this was never going to happen. The disappointment, made me rebel against everything and anyone who ever tried to help me. I would deliberately get into trouble; nothing really bad. I would bunk off from school; smoking cigarettes, drinking the odd bottle of cheap cider. Just the usual teenage antics, as far as I was concerned, Lucky for me I managed to stay out of any serious trouble.
 Then I turned 18 and that was it, no more orphanages. I found myself with my belongings and a small amount of money. I could have gone to a couple of places my social worker recommended, but the rebel in me just did not want to listen, and so I ended up on the streets.
 My luck soon ran out, I ended running into a guy called Troy. The local Pimp come drug pusher. He is well over six feet tall with a greasy ponytail pulled across sideways trying to cover the fact that he’s going bald, along with the chunky jewellery and cheap suits giving away exactly what he is about straight away.
 He is trying to get me into a world that, I really do not wish to join. At first he tried the, I can make life really easy for you line.  But now he is beginning to get impatient, he is really coming on strong. I have the feeling he wants to show me what I would be doing, and of course he personally wants to show me the ropes; he keeps saying how good he could make it for me. I shudder at the though. Well that’s his opinion I dread to think what would of happened if fate hadn’t literally taken me running straight into the path of Father Gerald. I must have looked a real mess, but being the good person he is, he took me back to the church and as I now have nowhere else to go and having no other choice for now, I let him. 

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