Welcome to the Family snippet

 I’m excited tonight as I get to see the other side of the building that’s kept for the protection side of the business. It’s mainly from this side I see people going to and fro. Believe me they must have a; you have to be hot, fit and stunning, policy to work over there; but then again they do have to protect allot of high profile personalities and are in the limelight allot. Image must be just as important as being able to protect.
I am being met by the receptionist from over at Topline Protection. I know her name is Titania but apart from that I haven’t been told anything. I have come to realise that is the norm here. She walks through the door that joins the two buildings together. She is tall and athletic looking very striking with short cropped black hair and the bluest eyes, she is wearing a black suit but then nearly everyone over there does. Titania’s suit is very tightly fitted the only colour I can see apart from the eyes is that she is wearing blood red lipstick.  With a name like Titania I have thoughts of someone foreign, she walks up to me she says hi Angela and I’m disappointed she sounds as English as I am.
 I follow her through the door to the side; I am shocked at how different it is the windows are clear and open. It has a wonderful welcoming feeling to it. There are plants everywhere and not a pot in sight it’s as if it is an indoor garden. 
Titania is waiting for me patiently “You like the garden then?” I say it’s really lovely and follow her down the hall a bit and into a big room full of sofas. The smell of coffee and sweet sticky cakes hits me and so does the sheer amount of people inside the room. Titania turns slightly and tells me this is the briefing room, I look a bit shocked she laughs and tells me that while the look to this side is different, the ethos of relaxed working atmosphere is the same, so no desks and whiteboards here. Although there are offices for protection reports to be written up just down the other end of the hall. 
I follow Titania further into the room and a hush falls; and I mean really quiet, she is taking me down the front of the room towards a really big guy he must be at least six and a half feet tall and just as wide, he turns and I see a kind pair of green eyes looking at me he covers the distance between us in a couple of steps. He shakes my hand I’m surprised how gentle the handshake is, as his hand absolutely dwarfs mine. I hear a laugh from somewhere in the room, he turns his head for a moment with a glare, at who I do not know but that look could have killed on the spot.  He turns back to talk to me looking like the good old boy again with a heartfelt smile “Hi Angela I am Hank. Head of this here rabble” I smile, I’m feeling really small it must show as he looks at me and laughs “I had heard you’re a bit on the small side but hey good things come in little packages. I have only heard good things about you too sweetheart” I let the sweetheart remark slide. Titania steps in with a polite cough, looking a bit sheepish she says “now you have caused, quite the stir; I think its best we get you out of here.” I look at her a little confused; she clucks her tongue “so it’s true you really don’t realise what a head turner you are.” Rolling her eyes “that will make some of these guy’s peruse you even more” I nearly do the snort thing again. I look at Titania as if she is mad. She mumbles about one day I will realise what a stunner I am. Turning we leave the room in silence. As I am walking out of the door I spy a familiar face. It’s Brent from the coffee shop but he doesn’t seem to notice me, even though I walked straight in front of him. I’m  a little disappointed; I thought we were friends; my mistake, he must have just been being polite.

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