Eric Winters

Eric winters  is the son of Gideon Winters and half brother to Angela.
Eric was born to a human mother who died in childbirth. He has been raised by a surrogate mother within the  Junta community. He is shunned by most because of his human blood even though he has turned with all the attributes of a  full vampire.
He has a tendency to violence that Junta  have put to good use; he is now one of their most feared assassins. He hunts down and kills without remorse any vampire that wishes to leave Junta or a vampire from the outside that discovers a little to much on the whereabouts of the Junta community.
Eric has grown up knowing who his father is and although he has contact with his father it has always been made clear that Angela even though a younger sibling is the rightful heir to the winters title and monies should anything ever happen to their father. Eric See’s this as a direct snub from his father although would never voice his opinion to his father. He knows the rules within the vampire community and his father still has a cover within the outside world to uphold.  Eric thinks his father could change things for him but he See’s Angela as the barrier between him and his father openly acknowledging he exists to the outside world. Eric  thinks that getting rid of Angela will change things for him so he will bide his time and when he finds Angela he will just have to get rid of the problem permanently!

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