Meet Damien Mordant aka Jack Jones


Meet Jack a two hundred and something year old Vampire.
Owner of Antonio’s  Restaurant, Melodies night club and Toppers strip club. He also manages to fit in time to help manage Topline management; owned and run by the stronger members of the supernatural community to help the weaker of the race.
Jack has over the years taken up many hobbies including playing the Piano and also dabbles in sketching as well. 
Back in his younger days Jack was a bit of a rebel and found himself recruited by Junta an underground movement with-in the supernatural community that believe that killing a human is no big deal, that this is perfectly within their rights as the stronger race. This is against one of the laws set by Parliament and if caught killing a human in anything other than in self defence you receive an instant death sentence.

Jack is sent by Junta to find Angela and make sure she becomes a member of the vampire community, so that they can pull her into the movement. Jack finds himself developing feelings for Angela he has realised in the short time he has known her that Angela will not want to become a member of Junta willingly.

2 thoughts on “Meet Damien Mordant aka Jack Jones

  1. Thank you Lindsay Believe me Jack is quite scrummy lol


  2. Ooo I think I love Jack 🙂 Great post!


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