Introducing Angel Desdemona Ladislav aka Angela Smith

Thought I would make this blog about introducing you to the main character Angela
I will give you a little incite into her background.

She starts life as a foundling being left on the steps of St Paul’s church on the 15th November 1990. She was wrapped in a pink blanket; in one corner of the blanket there is a crest with two swords and a snake winding around them. pinned to to the blanket there is a note saying her name is Angela and a message saying that this baby is very loved and to please make sure she goes to a loving family. This is the entirety of information Angela has ever been able to find out about the mother and father who left her when she was barely a few hours old. No matter where she has looked the crest doesn’t seem to exist in any records anywhere.
Angela is found by a young Vicar Father George Gerald who unbeknown to Angela check’s in on her progress as she goes from one foster family and home to another.
Angela has no idea of her family history, she would give anything to find out why she was left by her parents, if they loved her so much then why did they need to leave her.
Angela gets through her childhood very lonely and angry eventually landing on the streets and this is when father Gerald steps in and helps out again.
Once Angela gets back on the straight and narrow along comes a mysterious job offer and within a few weeks life as Angela knows it is about to completely change.


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